we are better by the company we keep.

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Our preferred Closing Attorneys:

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Your closing should be a celebration not a consternation.
Lueder Larkin Hunter LLH Closing Attorneys

We are thrilled to work with Lueder Larkin and Hunter as our preferred closing attorneys.  Our group has closed hundreds of loans together and they repeatedly bring professionalism and expertise to the closing table. We look forward to closing your Home of Georgia, at the Lueder Larkin Hunter office most convenient to you.

Our preferred Lenders:

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We recommend lenders with a track record of delivering:
JWSG-Partners Fidelity Mortgage - AMy Buynoski

Amy has over a decade of success in the mortgage industry.  Amy is recognized as a top producing loan officer in the state of Georgia.   Amy Buynoski at Fidelity Bank Mortgage is a source of strength for homeowners purchasing a new home and makes sure they are comfortable and informed through the mortgage process.  
 Call Amy Buynoski :  (678) 249 - 7457

Find out more about your mortgage options with Fidelity.

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John Young - Southeast Mortgage

Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing or building your dream home, you have a lot riding on the performance of your mortgage professional. Since market conditions and loan programs can change rapidly, you need to deal with someone who is on top of the game. John Young can help you explore the many innovations and options to get the mortgage that is right for your family.
 Call John Young :  (770) 318-1133

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JWSG-Partners Mortgage Solutions Network - Kevin Gilmore

We always tell our clients that you are welcome to use whichever lender you prefer - but we would suggest that you speak with at least two or three to see who can get you the best program and best lending terms for your mortgage.  Sometimes different buyers have different needs and specific lenders may have products or programs that work best for you.   Kevin Gilmore at Mortgage Solutions Network (MSN) has done a fantastic job for many of our clients.  
 Call Kevin Gilmore :  (678) 478 - 6295

Find out more about your mortgage options with MSN.

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we are better by the company we keep.






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At the Jim Wells 'Sells' Team we are dedicated to serving out clients as your professional REALTOR® consultants to help serve you with both buying and selling for all your real estate needs. We would love to take the time to share with you about our newest program to serve our valued Buyers very Well(s)!

As your Buyer’s Broker Benefit Bonus (B4) to you, when you purchase a home listed for sale with us as your Buyer’s Agent it costs you nothing!   As a matter of fact, we do such volume and feel strongly enough about serving our clients so well that we will actually  PAY YOU  to be your Buyer’s Agent!!!
That’s right!  We’ll pay you!    There are just a few requirements that we are happy to review with you, but suffice to say we love to exceed your expectations.

We also have a dedicated team to ensure the buying process is a great experience and smooth from start to finish.  We provide clear communication and go beyond to explain the Buying process and best business practices, to provide you excellent and timely responses to ensure you can grab the home of your dreams when it comes available, and we have a dedicated team to helping all the way through the contract to close process to smoothly navigate the negotiation, inspection, appraisal, amendment, closing, escrow, and move-in efforts.  We are a full service concierge group providing a complete suite of services to help you home.    So .. B4 you Buy, and before you think about working with someone else, contact our team of professionals to see how it pays to have our experience!

BTW - Do you have a house to sell first?  
Fantastic!  The Benefits and Rewards are even BETTER!