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Constantly checking to command the calendar.


You want to know when, how and what next.


Jim Wells Sells Team - Line Break
At the Jim Wells 'Sells' Team we emphasize the effort to exceed expectations and deliver an experience of excellence. This means that beyond the market expertise, the marketing, the negotiating, and everything else we excel in to get you under contract at the best terms, we have dedicated staff whose first priority is to ensure all the boxes are checked, "i's" dotted, and dates secured to help you get through a successful closing.  

From the time your property is under contract our team constantly pushes the calendar, coordinates with vendors, lenders and attorneys and monitors the pulse of the process to get your contract successfully closed.  Our staff will remind you to a excess to make sure all parties are clear about scheduling, timing, and next steps

We also have a dedicated team to ensure the Buying and Selling process is a great experience and smooth from start to finish.  We provide clear communication and go beyond to explain best business practices, to provide you excellent and timely responses to ensure you reach your goals, and we have a dedicated team to helping all the way through the contract to close process to smoothly navigate the negotiation, inspection, appraisal, amendment, closing, escrow, and move-in efforts.  We are a full service concierge group providing a complete suite of services to help you home.   

Knowing when and how and what next keeps you in control of your closing. 



 Everyone asks if they can keep our Contract-to-close department after the closing - just to help with all their other schedules.