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Consultation, Communication, Consideration makes for great Expectations.


Our efforts go far beyond an order taker.

Jim Wells Sells Team - Line Break
At the Jim Wells 'Sells' Team we understand that when buying or selling a home you must have complete communication with the client at all times. This is one of the many skills our team offers.  Communicate, communicate, communicate.... did I mention, 'communicate'?

Everyone has experienced a 'salesperson' whose sole purpose is to simply 'close' you on a deal - or the inexperienced order taker that simply pushes a button to work a transaction.  While everyone remembers the brand, Jim Wells 'Sells', we truly mean it when we say, "remember, our heart is to serve."  We treat you fully as a relationship experience, not a "ding" on a register.  My background in the enterprise-wide 'consultative solution sale' world helping to deliver broad spectrum corporate web systems to Fortune 500 companies allowed me to work through the structured process of identifying clients' needs, and putting together creative solutions to service them.   My personal background begins with a dedication to serving beyond one's self and seeking to give sacrificially. 

Understanding the needs, have the professional business acumen to deliver effective solutions, and the passion to serve others the way that I would want my family served, means communicating closely with clients and customers to best set expectations and to deliver to exceed those.  I have heard a wise person say "the best way to do business is to tell people what you are going to do, do what you said you were going to do, then tell them that you did what you said you would do."   Then I think, they will want to tell everyone else what you do and how well you do it!  

We have a system for communications, expectations and getting you the best in considerations when selling your property.   And when Buying we work diligently to help you achieve your highest goals and make the best choices, and communicate to a fault.

We also have a dedicated team to ensure the Buying and Selling process is a great experience and smooth from start to finish.  We provide clear communication and go beyond to explain best business practices, to provide you excellent and timely responses to ensure you reach your goals, and we have a dedicated team to helping all the way through the contract to close process to smoothly navigate the negotiation, inspection, appraisal, amendment, closing, escrow, and move-in efforts.  We are a full service concierge group providing a complete suite of services to help you home.   

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